Painting Line | Zanardi Fonderie

The painting line (Munari) is completely automated except for the loading and unloading phases. The casts are painted with water paint either red, grey or black. We use paint with a low COV percentage (<5%).
The plant comprises:

  1. A pre-treatment tunnel with prewashing, cleaning, phosphate coating, first and second rinse.
  2. Drying station.
  3. First hot air oven to dry the parts– temp. +120 °C.
  4. 4 cisterns and motorised carriage for immersion.
  5. Second hot air oven to dry the parts– temp. +180 °C;
  6. Cooling unit.
  7. “MORRIS-3” aerial single-track conveyor, with hooks.

The treatment and rinsing water remains in a single closed cycle, and is periodically changed and disposed of as industrial waste. The plant has four thermal units.