“A good technology must be oriented to the real needs of the market”

— How does Zanardi Fonderie run its research activity on ADI?

The research that we conduct since many years is focused on the development and the characterization of materials obtained with the Austempering process.


— And the production?

Since year 2000 we have integrated our foundry with an internal austempering heat treatment shop and an internal machining shop.

These investments allowed us to control all the internal processes and to create the proper knowledge to manage the interactions between manufacturing phases in order to optimize the final result.

The same people involved in daily management of the production’s processes are the ones dedicated to R&D: this is our way to ensure quality, competitiveness and innovation to the customers.


— Where does the idea of organizing a workshop dedicated to ADI come from?

The development of a good technology is not enough to create value: it must be oriented to the real needs of the market. Starting from this point, we thought of organizing an event aimed not only to talk about ADI’s potential, but above all to listen to the voice of the customers.


— Did the outcome of the workshop meet your expectations?

The consistent presence of managers from customer companies, and academics was, from the very beginning, a powerful message about the interest on ADI technology for many different market branches, which, honestly, exceeded our most optimistic expectations.

The outcome was the best we could expect: active participation, competence, openness, personal acquaintance. The best way to create the basis for further developments and reciprocal satisfactions.