A day at the foundry”, the project to learn about the skills of the people who work in our departments

by | Mar,2023

From pouring to the austempering furnaces and finishing: a journey among the various jobs that lie behind cast iron melting

In recent days, the photographer, Claudia Difra, has been documenting the daily lives of our colleagues who work in our production departments. Zanardi Fonderie’s activities take place in its single facility in Minerbe (Verona) where castings are planned, produced and processed for immediate use on the market. Behind every casting, there are people, stories and skills that deserve to be seen, to understand how much care and attention is needed to ensure that every step is carried out to perfection.

From mid-March, through the project “A day at the foundry”, we will publish twelve graphic images on our LinkedIn profile that represent the foundry jobs required to produce our spheroidal graphite iron and austempered ductile iron products.

It will be the workers who introduce themselves and talk about their jobs in the department in which they work every day. Through their portrait pictures and voices, we will explore what goes on behind the scenes of our production from the core shop to the smelting furnaces, mechanical processing, austempering treatment and painting.