Assofond’s magazine “In Fonderia” publishes in Italian Zanardi Fonderie’s paper on the reclassification of Spheroidal Graphite Ferritic Pearlitic and Ausferritic (ADI) Ductile Cast Irons Grades

by | Mar,2021

The purpose of the paper is to contribute to the improvement of the standards of materials for spheroidal graphite iron castings (SGCI), in order to meet the design needs.

In the 01/2021 issue of the magazine “In Fonderia”, published by Assofond, you can read on page 84 the Italian translation of the scientific paper “Reclassification of Spheroidal Graphite Ductile Cast Irons Grades according to Design Needs, written by Franco Zanardi with Carlo Mapelli and Silvia Barella.

The Italian version of the document, originally published by the International Journal of Metal Casting dedicated to the Carl Loper Symposium (vol. 14; Number 3; Summer 2020) is available at this link:: READ THE ARTICLE