Better air quality and energy savings thanks to the new Nederman filter

by | Oct,2023

The latest investment ensures a healthy environment in the melting departments

Zanardi Fonderie has recently installed the new “Nederman” brand filter for use in the furnace and pouring departments. The new system features horizontal filter sleeves for the purification of dust-laden fumes, which are generated during the melting process, which, in the absence of filtering systems, would otherwise end up in the atmosphere.

The Nederman filter is more technologically advanced than the previous one in which cleaning was performed using a compressed air jet (pulse jet filter), whereas now it is done by forced ventilation. This puts less stress on the filter sleeves and eliminates compressed air consumption which was very energy intensive. In addition, the new filter has a much higher air flow rate than the previous one, thus ensuring more efficient extraction even when several utilities are used at the same time.

The new solution will produce excellent results in terms of air quality, sleeve durability, energy savings and maintenance, which will be simpler than the previous system.