Case history

Real cases explaining the development of client projects

Case history: planetary gear reducers, axle pin and track axle

We propose a collection of case histories describing the construction methods, uses and benefits of parts made by Zanardi Fonderie to satisfy design specifications defined by clients.

Lower suspension arm in ADI900-8

Description of a new lower suspension arm for trucks, designed from the start in austempered ductile iron ADI900-8 to be lighter, stronger and more performing than traditional forged steel.

Axle pin

Development of an axle pin previously forged in steel in ADI ductile iron for modular vehicles, trailers, heavy loads, special self-propelled vehicles for industrial applications.

Planetary housing

How we re-designed and developed a planetary housing for planetary gear reducers using ADI ductile iron instead of nitrided cast iron.

Track axle

Description of the process of conversion to ADI ductile iron of a track axle for combine harvesters with benefits in terms of cost savings, weight and performance.

Hydraulic head

Development and production of a hydraulic head in IDI800-6 isothermal ductile iron for water-driven high-pressure piston pumps, for the steel and iron, chemical and petrochemical, construction and water treatment industrial sectors.

Hollow shaft

The hollow shaft for wheel balancers is used specifically to produce Corghi wheel balancers.

Braccio sospensione ADI-acciaio | ADI-steel suspension arm | Aufhängungsarm aus ADI-Stahl

ADI-steel suspension arm

Suspension arm obtained by welded joint between austempered ductile iron and structural steel.