Moulding Line

The “Savelli” forming, cooling and flask filling line machines up to a maximum of 220 flasks/hour. The forming flask measurements are 710 x 900 x (250+350) mm / 36″ x 26″ x (10″+14″). We use two “Forminpress” moulding systems, one for the top and one for the bottom of the flask.

Melting Plant

We have three 28 ton 3300 kW electric smelting furnaces. New incoming ferrous materials (pig iron and steel scraps), like iron alloys, alloys and auxiliary materials, undergo a 100% radiometric test. The large storage area enables separating the different lots of purchased materials and internal circulating scrap. Moreover, the efficient air filtering system absorbs all the fumes produced during the process: discharge, deslagging, magnesium treatment.

Pouring Line

The Progelta pouring system comprises a 4 ton pressure casting ladle, from which a stopper rod fills the flask. During the casting flow the molten metal undergoes inoculation. Frequent, important quality tests are carried out on the material during the casting phase: nodular lesion, temperature, chemical analysis, thermal analysis.

Fettling Shop

The castings are visually inspected, the hardness is tested and lots are identified to enable total traceability during the following process phases. Deburring is managed internally using the following machines:

  • Automatic robotised deburring cells (Evolut)
  • CNC automatic deburring stations (Maus)
  • Robotised deburring cells (Sir)
  • Horizontal lathes (Goodway)
  • Manual deburring cabins
  • Manual grinding station