We began internal mechanical machining in 2001 with just a few machines in what seemed a building that was too large then. That strategic choice has enabled us to develop excellent know-how in working with ADI iron over the years. In fact, thanks to our integrated process and attentive control of our previous experience, we have been able to perfectly set the machine parameters. Moreover, in collaboration with the tool manufacturers we have worked on developing and choosing the best insertions to obtain both the best possible quality and a totally sustainable process. Thanks to our pioneering spirit we have been able to assist our customers and suppliers to find the best solutions, and develop ADI materials to the best levels. Now our mechanical machining processes are perfectly sized for quality series production. We currently have:


Machin Type Model No. Size1 Size2
Maching Center MATECH 630 1 L630 730
Double spindle 5-axis lathe/mill machine OKUMA B550 1 Ø830 2000
Double spindle 5-axis lathe/mill machine OKUMA U4000 1 Ø650 2000
Vertical lathe HYUNDAI HIT V5 3 Ø500 600
Turning cell with robotized load HYUNDAI HIT V5 / KUKA 4 Ø500 600
Maching Center HYUNDAI H630 1 L630 800
Maching Center DAEWOO ACE800 1 L800 1000

Other work is also carried by our external qualified contractors under our strict controls.