Company declaration

General conditions of contracting for european foundries/p>

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General Conditions of Purchase


Code of conduct


ELV declaration (End of Life Vehicle)

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RoHS declaration

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REACH Declaration

Major accident prevention policy


Major accident hazard information


Declaration of radiometric inspection

Zanardi environmental statement


Corporate Policy



UNI EN ISO 14001

UNI ISO 45001 2018

UNI CEI EN ISO 50001-2018

UNI EN ISO 9001 2015


Validation Statement Environmental Statement


Brochure Zanardi Fonderie

Agriculture [ITENDE]


Construction and mining [ITENDE]


Energy [ITENDE]


Forestry [ITENDE]


Hydraulic [ITENDE]


Power transmission [ITENDE]


Off-road transport [ITENDE]


On-road transport [ITENDE]


Railway [ITENDE]