Environment and safety at Zanardi Fonderie

Informed processes and production, with respect for the environment and workers

Our commitment to guaranteeing a safe and healthy work environment

Every company and entrepreneur has an obligation to invest in informed production, with respect for the environment and the people that work in its facilities.
In our company, the monitoring of consumption and worker safety has forever been the fulcrum of our company policy, because we believe that the virtuous development of projects depends on respect for the rules and a commitment to building a better future for the generations to come.

We interpret these values through:


  • Attention to safety
  • Respect for the environment
  • Efficient use of energy resources
  • Care for the work environment

Respect for the environment by reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere

Cogeneration motors and a photovoltaic system in support of “green” production

Informed and sustainable production is a responsibility and priority in order to guarantee the health of company employees and best possible air quality in the areas surrounding the plant.

At Zanardi Fonderie we have forever been committed to reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere: to ensure the best possible air quality we have installed filters, gas and dust extractors and implemented a 24h cleaning system.

Allowing workers and visitors access to a clean and healthy environment is a genuine “must-have” in our foundry, constantly and meticulously pursued by Management, which continuously monitors the impact of each of the company’s activities, products and services on the surrounding environment.

Latest generation systems for self-produced energy

In 2002, we installed a cogeneration system at Zanardi Fonderie (no.2 internal combustion engines, each 3MW) able to satisfy about 70% of our energy needs, when used at full capacity.

In 2011, in order to make best use of our 30,000 square metres of covered surface area, in addition to the cogeneration motors we also installed a 644.4 kWp photovoltaic system made up of 2685 monocrystalline photovoltaic modules, each 240 Wp.
Moreover, Zanardi Fonderie has also implemented an environmental management system certified in accordance with standard UNI ENI ISO 14001 and registered according to the EMAS European Regulation.

Environment and safety

(Environmental and energy document 2019)

Aiming for zero accidents at work: safety first

Our initiatives to make the workplace safe and clean

At the heart of the Zanardi Fonderie company policy lies the objective of “ZERO accidents at work”. In order to pursue this goal, part of our company is dedicated to the daily monitoring of risks and necessary measures in order to protect the safety of employees and visitors.

The employer, safety manager, Prevention and Protection Service Manager (RSPP), first aid and fire prevention teams are present in all divisions of the foundry and are committed to creating awareness among employees regarding the importance of using PPE and their responsibilities in order to work in safe conditions, aware of the risks to which they are exposed if the rules aren’t followed.

Since 2005, Zanardi Fonderie has held OHSAS 18001 certification, replaced in 2019 by ISO EN 45001:2018 on the subject of workplace safety.

Risk monitoring to guarantee worker safety and reduce workplace accidents

In order to guarantee increasingly higher levels of worker health and safety, Zanardi Fonderie continually monitors the risk of accidents at work using a structured and regularly updated database.

Being one step ahead, when it comes to risks, is crucial in order to avoid accidents and injuries at work.
Staff at Zanardi Fonderie works each day to identify, record and analyse all types of threats (substances, machines, systems, behaviour) tied to the individual activities performed by each employee..

In particular, we regularly perform:

  • Workplace inspections, observing the processes and activities carried out (also with direct involvement of workers);
  • Identification of exposed work positions;
  • Study of safety measures (collective or individual measures, health monitoring measures, emergency measures, information and training, etc.) in order to eliminate or reduce physical risks and subsequently assess their efficacy.

“Let’s put our goggles on”, our campaign to reduce workplace accidents through correct use of PPE

Each worker’s attention to their own and others’ safety is the first step in guaranteeing workplace safety

Correct and constant use of PPE in the workplace is essential in guaranteeing one’s own and others’ safety. Since 2019, the campaign “Let’s put our goggles on” was launched in all Zanardi Fonderie production departments to create awareness among workers in regards to internal rules, established by the legislator together with the employer.

“Let’s put our goggles on” involves the daily monitoring of correct use of PPE, as well as correct behaviour during use of machinery and pathways, conducted by the heads of department and persons in charge, who, in turn, note their negative and positive findings on a whiteboard located at the entry to the various departments, in areas called “safety corners”.

The data is then recorded to monitor the situation and trigger initiatives designed to improve the level of safety in the plant.

Thanks to the “Let’s put our goggles on” campaign, workers are no longer merely supervised, but also become supervisors themselves, thus ensuring safety becomes the important result of a team effort.

Environment and safety in relation to the COVID-19 emergency

In 2020, Zanardi Fonderie immediately sought to address the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic in the best and fastest possible way.
In order to best manage this period of closure, since the very first Prime Ministerial Decree was issued, we have implemented a number of initiatives including:

  • Release of a Business Continuity Plan;
  • Definition of a team dedicated to managing the emergency;
  • Planning of regular meetings by remote to guarantee the best possible service to the market;
  • Issuance of a Covid-19 Company Protocol, which entailed the distribution of sanitising gel and certified face masks to all employees, as well as the definition of new employee pathways, new rules for the canteen and coffee breaks and the installation of a thermoscanner at the entrance.