The Co-Design allows custom industrial design to give form to needs of clients

The Co-Design Service by Zanardi Fonderie allows us to offer the client a custom industrial design that satisfies their needs. From the very first quote, our technical department analyses the product requirements illustrated in the design: from the standards to the tolerances and much more still, before going on to develop a custom design.

A detailed analysis of client needs

Understanding the design and discussing any potential hurdles with the client is essential in ensuring the best possible design of the foundry casting without leaving anything out, thus obtaining a compliant product compatible with its intended use, guaranteeing the highest possible level of quality and stability over time. The analysis of the 2D and 3D drawings of the raw and machined component is essential in order to design the piece in compliance with quality requirements.

The software we use for the Co-Design Service

We use various technical instruments during the Co-Design process: proE CAD, proE FEM to calculate stress and Magmasoft to simulate the melting process.

Our designers work with CREO software for parametric modelling, which uses 3D files in .prt, .step and .iges formats.

Case History

Real cases explaining the development of client projects