Core shop at Zanardi Fonderie

Foundry cores produced in-house to satisfy design needs

The production of cold and warm box cores is managed internally by our Supply Chain

At the Zanardi Fonderie plant, we internally produce cold box cores through the Ashland process (also called “Cold-box”) and using BZV type machines. The cold hardening of cores, which represents the first stage of production, occurs by way of the polymerisation of the binding agent (resin) due to the passage of a gaseous catalyst (amine).

At the end of this stage, the foundry cores are deburred, then coated with a water-based paint and placed on a pallet identified by a bar code. Before storage, the cores undergo a final drying stage, necessary to remove any excess water and guarantee their improved durability and quality.

The manufacture of certain special Cold Box type cores and all shell “warm boxcores is outsourced to subcontractors with high qualitative and technological standards, closely and directly monitored through our Supply Chain.

In a dedicated warehouse, cores are stored and controlled regularly

Foundry cores design plays an important role in designing mechanical parts in ductile iron (GJS), austempered ductile iron (ADI) and isothermed ductile iron (IDI).Zanardi Fonderie’s technical office carries out internally the design of cores in order to develop foundry castings that comply as much as possible with the design requirements provided by the customer.

An automatic core storage system for streamlined and efficient management

Cores for ductile iron castings by Zanardi Fonderie are stored in an automated Trascar warehouse. The Trascar system allows us to quickly and efficiently manage all produced cores according to the production schedule, and to ensure our moulding line is always properly stocked.