A free three-day training session on “advanced cast iron” to produce lighter, more sustainable mechanical components

A free three-day training session on “advanced cast iron” to produce lighter, more sustainable mechanical components

From 27 to 29 May, 2020, Zanardi Fonderie will host the “LightWeight Professional” course, promoted by EIT RawMaterials and aimed at managers, engineers and technicians in the mechanical industry.

A more sustainable future is built on lightweight components.

In September 2019, the international course “LightWeight Professional” provided the opportunity to find out more about the features and benefits of innovative materials for the production of lighter weight components, cutting down on CO2 emissions and competing in the market with an important advantage. The development of this course was funded by the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT) and was certified according to the European standard ISO 17024.

Zanardi Fonderie took an active part, as promoter and sponsor, in defining the themes included in “LightWeight Professional” and on May 27-28-29, 2020 will host a specific module dedicated to advanced spheroidal graphite iron entitled “Advanced Cast Iron” at its headquarters in Minerbe (Verona). The course, held in English, is aimed at managers, engineers and technicians who want to promote the “light” philosophy in their own strategic market, from automotive to industrial, agricultural to earth moving, from energy to railways. It will be held by university lecturers and sector-based experts and is organised by the Fraunhofer research institute which will issue a certificate after the relevant exam in accordance with the EN ISO 17024 standard.

An in-depth look at advanced spheroidal graphite iron with sector-based experts.
The aim of the course is to give a complete overview of the different types of advanced cast iron (in accordance with international standards), from spheroidal graphite iron to austempered ductile iron.


The module has been designed and structured to give participants an insight into the different foundry processes. All the mechanical features, properties and advantages of these innovative materials, which are increasingly in demand for designing lightweight mechanical components with a reduced environmental impact, are studied in detail.

All the participants will, therefore, have the possibility to acquire an in-depth understanding of the potential of advanced spheroidal graphite iron, such as the quality of the castings, fatigue design and heat treatments, as well as the recent advances in the field of these materials. At the end of course, examples of the successful design and production of lightweight components will be presented.

Zanardi Fonderie’s staff will also offer all the participants a guided tour of the company’s facilities to provide a real-life look at what they have learned during the course.

The link for free enrolment and advice about accommodation

Enrolment is free and you can register by clicking here. A maximum of two people may participate from each company.

In addition to the three-day course at Zanardi Fonderie’s site, participants will also be able to access a variety of content, videos and documents which can be downloaded on-line via the EIT RawMaterials platform.

We recommend the following three hotels to anyone requiring overnight accommodation in the Minerbe area where Zanardi Fonderie is based:

1//Hotel Aldo Moro 3*

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 27, 35044 Montagnana (PD)


2//Hotel la Pergola 4*

Via Verona, 140, 37048 Legnago (VR)


3//Castello di Bevilacqua 4*

Via Roma, 50, 37040 Bevilacqua (VR)


For more information and assistance on organisation, please write to or contact us directly at ami@zanardifonderie.com.

How the “Advanced Cast Iron” module came about

The experience gained during the ADI DAYS 2016 workshop organised by Zanardi Fonderie to promote the potential of austempered ductile iron (ADI) to international players in the sector was fundamental in offering EIT RawMaterials the subject matter and materials which are important to companies investing in innovation and efficiency.

Although the need to make lighter components is recognised, the rules for designing and managing materials are not always observed. This led to the need to offer a professional training course aimed at professionals working in technical and production departments, engineers and general managers.

The basic level of the Lightweight Professional Training Course was held in 2019 in four countries: Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany. In 2020, modules on different materials will be developed to attain the Professional Advanced Level.

An overview of EIT RawMaterials
EIT RawMaterials, founded by EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), is a consortium of companies and institutes operating in the field of raw materials (and thus, the materials used to manufacture the components).

Its vision lies in the development of materials within the leading sectors of the European market. Its mission is to allow the sustainable competition of European sectors which operate in the field of minerals, metals and materials throughout the value chain promoting innovation, training and the business aspect.