GraphiCast90, Zanardi Fonderie illustrated by five professional illustrators

by | Jan,2021

Ten illustrations describe our foundry’s strengths

Among the many initiatives we have organized to celebrate Zanardi Fonderie’s 90th anniversary, there is GraphiCast90, a project which describes our company’s strengths, through art and creativity.

We asked to 5 professional illustrators to represent the most important aspects of Zanardi Fonderie, including the team and the history, the attention to the environment, the co-design service for castings, the melting and austempering furnaces, the Evolut and Okuma machines for machining.

The illustrators selected for GraphiCast90 are Maria Cecilia Azzali, Maria Chiara Banchini, Mirko Càmia, Lorenza Natarella and Antonio Sortino. They have represented, through their sensitivity and style, the most important characteristics of Zanardi Fonderie.

The prints of all the illustrations are placed in strategic points of the company, which have been renovated and embellished, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary, to make the workplace more welcoming and comfortable.