Innovation means Lightweight: the new frontier of materials

by | Dec,2019

Lightright Zanardi Fonderie

A more sustainable future is built with lightness. In September 2019, the international course “LightWeight Professional” has provided the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the characteristics and benefits of innovative materials which make it possible to obtain lighter components, thus limiting CO2 emissions and with the added advantage of adopting a competitive approach to the market. The development of this course has been funded by the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT) and is certified according to the international standard ISO 17024.

Zanardi Fonderie has actively participated, as promoter and sponsor, in the definition of the themes proposed by the “LightWeight Professional” course, and, in May 2020 (27, 28 and 29 May), Zanardi Fonderie will organize a specific course on ductile iron in its location. The course will be organized by the Research institute Fraunhofer, which will deliver a certificate to the partecipants as a result of the exam, certificated according to the law EN ISO 17024.

The experience acquired during the ADI DAYS 2016 workshop – organized by Zanardi Fonderie to communicate the potential of austempered ductile iron (ADI) to international players in the sector – was essential to provide EIT Raw Materials with important topics and materials for companies that invest in innovation and efficiency.

Although the need to lighten components is recognized, the rules for designing and managing materials are not always respected. This realization led to the need to provide a professional training course aimed at the specialist staff employed in technical and production offices, as well as buyers and general managers working in different sectors like automotive, railway or wind energy.

The “LightWeight Professional” training course is divided into modules, which offer different topics based on the level of preparation of the participants and which aim to provide quality content and “ready-to-use” information for the company’s production management.

The basic level of the Lightweight Professional Training Course has been held in 2019 in four different countries: Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany.