History, values, future: the German magazine Wirtschaftsforum talks about 90 years of Zanardi Fonderie

by | Apr,2021

The Austempering heat treatment as a service of excellence, the crisis as an engine of innovation, the prospects for the future: an interview with CEO Fabio Zanardi

On April 27, 2021, the German magazine Wirtschaftsforum published an online interview with the Ceo of Zanardi Fonderie, Fabio Zanardi. The topics covered range from history, to values, to the strengths that have distinguished the company’s production activity for over 90 years. Fabio Zanardi reflects on the opportunities that economic crises can bring, in terms of innovation and growth.

Founded in 1931 in Minerbe, in the province of Verona, Zanardi Fonderie is specialized in the production of spheroidal graphite iron (GJS), austempered ductile iron (ADI) and isothermal ductile iron (IDI). Wirtschaftsforum interview talks in depth about the innovative properties of the Austempering heat treatment, which the company also offers on behalf of third parties in its comprehensive production plant.


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