Lady Foundry, the female face of the foundry

by | Mar,2022

A “social” initiative to let you meet the women who work in Zanardi Fonderie

Who are the women who work in Zanardi Fonderie? What roles do they play, what is the story that brought them here? With the “Lady Foundry” project we want to let you known, through our LinkedIn profile, the faces, names and roles of our female staff.

We decided to launch this initiative because the foundry is often, and erroneously, associated with a predominantly male environment, but more and more women now choose to grow their skills in this sector.

In our company, women currently cover 11% of the total number of workers, and the data is constantly increasing. Most of them are employed in offices, from the customer care office, to the finance and purchasing department, to the supply chain and the welcome services, but the female force reaches the production and logistics departments too. This year, for the first time in our history, a woman was hired in the technical office.

We believe that female determination is more and more necessary in our industry and the “Lady Foundry” project, which consists on the publication of periodic posts on our LinkedIn profile, demonstrates how proud we are of our staff.