Led-illuminated paths in the production departments, to ensure better safety

by | Jun,2021

The production departments of Zanardi Fonderie can count on new LED lighting, designed to improve the visibility and safety of the pedestrian paths and, in particular, of the cast iron transfer plant. When the ladles loaded with liquid metal are in motion, the LED lighting warns the forklift driver and any passer-by, improving the visibility of the optical barriers that isolate the dangerous handling areas.

Here, in detail, how the new lighting was studied:

  • Yellow-green LED light: to illuminate the pedestrian paths;
  • Red LED light: to illuminate the ‘STOP-Dangerous area’ strip, as the ladles pass through the melting furnaces area, to strengthen the optical barriers of the liquid metal transfer plant, and to illuminate the perimeter of the operating area;
  • Blue LED lights: to warn and signal when the liquid metal transfer plant comes into operation.

Continuing to invest in initiatives and tools that contribute to improving the work environment is at the heart of Zanardi Fonderie’s company policy. “The company has always shown particular attention to technological innovations that guarantee the improvement of safety in the plant,” said Gianluca Saccoman, H&S Manager of Zanardi Fonderie. “This project, which illuminates our path towards an ever-safer future, confirms this.”