Lightweight 2021: the second edition of the online course on “advanced spheroidal graphite iron” for lighter and more sustainable components kicks off

by | May,2021

The appointment with “LightWeight Professional” on advanced spheroidal graphite iron is back, organised and certified by Fraunhofer and developed in collaboration and with the support of the University of Padua and Zanardi Fonderie.

The “LightWeight Professional” course, which is held entirely online, is promoted and funded as part of the European “Light Right” project, and is aimed at managers, mechanical industrial engineers and technicians, who can register at the link to participate:

15th September 2021
First online meeting for the module on advanced spheroidal graphite iron, “Advanced Cast Irons”

From 13th to 15th October 2021
Online “live” workshop

The course offers attendees the opportunity to better understand how spheroidal graphite iron, a “conventional” material, can become strategic in the lightening of mechanical components thanks to innovative heat treatment processes such as austempering.

The lessons, held in English, are aimed at managers, engineers, and technicians who wish to promote the “light” philosophy in their strategic market of reference in the automotive, industrial, agricultural, earthmoving, energy, railway sectors and more. It will be conducted by university teachers and industry experts. The qualification system was organised in accordance with standard EN ISO 17024.

For information regarding the course, send an email to Andrea Bernards (Fraunhofer-Institut FIT HCED):

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