The new Infinitys’ digital boards to improve communication between company and workers

by | Sep,2021

2021 is an important year for Zanardi Fonderie, because our company, specialized in the production of ADI austempered ductile iron, is celebrating 90 years of history and innovation.

All company initiatives launched to celebrate this important milestone are aimed at promoting communication with employees and customers, who come to visit Zanardi Fonderie. One of the most important initiatives concerns the installation of digital information boards in strategic locations of the foundry, including the canteen, the entrance space for workers, the changing and waiting rooms.

“In collaboration with the company Acs Data System Spa, we have installed a total of 6 digital boards in the company which, thanks to a special software, allow us to communicate information to employees in real time, as well as send welcome messages to visiting customers”, explains Michele Arzenton, marketing manager. “We can communicate different information in different message boards, according to what we need, managing the publication of contents from a single platform”.

The information that Zanardi Fonderie transmits through the screens of the new digital boards, without interfering with the work activity, ranges from service communications, to information on productivity, on new projects, or on the acquisition of new products. But they also provide important data to improve safety.

“Thanks to the digital boards, we, as workers, feel more involved and informed about the company’s activities. Highlighting the data on accidents and how they occurred also allows us to improve our behavior and to pay more and more attention to safety ”, adds Massimo Lupi, shift manager and workers’ representative.