A new hydraulic unit for the moulding plant

by | Feb,2021

Zanardi Fonderie focuses on efficiency and energy saving in the sand squeezing phases

Our moulding line can count on a new hydraulic unit, installed in January 2021 to replace the previous one, which accompanied us for more than 20 years.

The efficiency of the new hydraulic unit for the moulding plant is ensured by variable flow pumps, which replace those with fixed flow.

This investment will bring numerous benefits to the production of ductile iron (GJS), austempered ductile iron (ADI), and isothermal ductile iron (IDI), including:


  • Improvement of the sand squeezing for the moulding machines, guaranteed by the separation of the hydraulic circuits for the upper moulding machine, the lower moulding machine, and for the services (lifting, translation, clamping…).

    After the start-up of the new hydraulic unit, we immediately achieved this goal. The sand squeezing operations have reached the desired stability, also adjustable according to the type of part number.

  • Efficiency and energy savings improved by about 20%, guaranteed by the use of high-efficiency electric motors. The new pumps, unlike the previous ones, can operate in ‘zeroing’, i.e. when no pressure is required from the plant..

Technical data of the new Zanardi Fonderie hydraulic unit

Previous unit:

  • 5x 55kw motors
  • 5x 270 l/m pumps

New unit:


  • 5x 75kw motors
  • 5x 360 l/m pumps