Our quality system is IATF certified: a guarantee for the automotive industry

by | Feb,2024

The continuous improvement in the checks on every process stage is essential for guaranteeing product excellence

From January 2024, Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A. has been certified by IATF 16949, the international standard that sets the quality management system requirements for automotive production which can count on the performance of our spheroidal graphite iron (GJS), austempered ductile iron (ADI) and isothermal ductile iron (IDI), especially for “on road” vehicles, such as buses and trucks.

IATF certification comes with important benefits that go beyond the commercial domain, including:

  • Reduction in production variability
  • Reduction in waste and non-value added activities
  • Service level uniformity

An educational and inspiring path to recognition

The path that Zanardi Fonderie embarked upon to obtain IATF certification has been complex and challenging but the clear definition of objectives, roles and responsibilities, mutual trust between individual colleagues and towards the organisation overall has enabled us to achieve our goal.

Over the last two years, we have invested heavily in the control processes and in understanding customer requirements, aiming at the continuous improvement of our quality system.

The first step was to re-examine and update the documentation system supporting the internal processes. We then focused on the awareness requirement, which requires all Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A. collaborators to be aware of their impact on product quality, of the importance of each person’s individual work in obtaining, maintaining and improving it, and of the risks resulting from a non-compliant product.

How we met the awareness requirement: training and identification

Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A. met the requirement by raising the awareness of individual workers towards the automotive quality system.

How? By launching a large-scale training activity on the quality management process and by introducing the identification of the automotive casting with a specific logo, a circle with an “A”, easily identifiable throughout the entire production flow: from the casting design, through the digital documents in our software (such as SAP and CRM) to the crate identification tag of the final product.