These are just a few of the benefits offered by ADI iron and other austempered materials:

  • Combine the typical advantages of iron castings with the mechanical properties of hardened and tempered steel
  • Design lighter weight components
  • Achieve overall cost reductions
  • Produce casting shapes having material only where it is effectively needed, with no waste
  • Greater wear resistance given by the material structure, without need for surface heat treatment

Let us imagine for a moment, that you want to grasp the opportunities offered by ADI but you do not have any experience or enough familiarity with this new material.
That is where we come in, given our advanced knowledge about the static and dynamic properties of the materials and the optimized machining processes. The results of our tests and our shared data can be fundamental for designers to redesign or to validate components using new materials. Furthermore, given our experience in ADI machining, we can help our customers and subcontractors in improving their tools and cycles to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and performance. This means our customers find an integrated solution from Zanardi Fonderie, that combines experience in casting and research into materials to obtain the highest possible advantages. During the joint-design phase we use proE CAD, proE FEM stress calculation tools, Magmasoft for casting process simulation, and machines to test fatigue and tensile strength.