IDI circle

IDI – Isothermed Ductile Iron is produced by applying heat treatment to an unalloyed ductile iron. The IDI matrix structure mainly comprises ferrite and perlite, which are distributed differently with respect to traditional ductile iron. The mechanical properties of IDI are halfway between those of perlite ductile iron and ADI. As IDI can be produced without additional alloying elements means it is particularly good in terms of quality and cost saving for thick components requiring high level static and fatigue strength.
IDI is a Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A. patent.

Mechanical properties

Symbolic Designation Tensile strength
Rm (N/mm2 min)
0,2% Proof Strenght
Rp0,2 (N/mm2 min)
Elongation A5
(% min) L0=5xd
Brinell Hardness
IDI 800 800 480 6 250-300

Values related to separate cast samples, thickness < 30 mm