In accordance with the ISO 50001 standard, the “energy application methods” are formed of the use of electricity, methane gas and diesel. The entities that have the highest meter readings are the main motors for electric energy, burners, methane gas boilers and diesel transport means.


  • Buy from the grid at 20 KV
  • Self-production with 2 20 cylinder 3 MW internal combustion engines each
  • 644 kW photovoltaic plant


  • From the local grid Gritti Gas in Via Nazionale, to power the self-production electric engines
  • From the local grid Gritti Gas in Viale del Commercio, for industrial use.
  • From the local Gritti Gas in Via Ronchi for heating the mechanical machining departments


  • 9 m3 above ground tank with distributor by use with badges, and power method for internal means (forklifts, mechanical shovel, etc.).

Photovoltaic plant

The photovoltaic plant has a peak output of 644.4 kWp, formed of 2685 monocrystalline photovoltaic modules of 240 Wp each. The energy produced by the panels is converted by seven three-phase inverters.

Self-production plant

The methane gas energy self-production plant is formed of 2 internal combustion methane gas engines, of 20 cylinders each with an output of 3000 kW. The cogeneration unit installed in May 2003, provides around 70% of our internal needs when running at full speed. On each occasion, the Energy Manager evaluates how to balance the use of cogeneration and grid electricity according to the price trends on the energy market.

We also have a 100 kVA generator, for use should there be a blackout of any utilities, or other smaller generators (UPS) of up to 15 kVA.