Our company places great importance on environmental protection, as an integrative part of all its activities and decisions.

To actively contribute to a sustainable future, our organisation must increasingly demonstrate, inside and outside, great attention to the environment, controlling the impact of all its activities, products and services on the environment.

Our moral duty of environmental protection must be constantly on the increase. The choice of economic policies and other measures to stimulate environmental protection and increasing widespread attention of all parties involved with environmental problems, including sustainable development, are all indispensable for our organisation.

To ensure these activities are effective, Zanardi Fonderie is now equipped with an environmental management system certified according to the UNI ENI ISO 14001:2004 standard and registered according to the EMAS European standards.

International environmental management standards enable us to lay the foundations for an effective system, which, integrated with other management systems, helps us to achieve our preset environmental goals.

The success of our system depends on the commitment and involvement of all levels within the organisation and above all the highest level, the Top Management.

The system we have implemented has enabled us to prepare the procedures to define our environmental policy and goals, and to enable us to verify the effectiveness of compliance with what we have defined and demonstrate the results to the outside.

Environmental Declaration – Attachment only in Italian

Declaration of radiometric inspection on metal scraps and semi-finished metals

Environmental and energy document 2019 (Italian only)