The priority for Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A. is to protect its workers’ health and safety, and achieving this aim is an essential part of our long-term business strategy. Zanardi Fonderie is equipped with innovative IT tools to manage the system based on a structured and updated database.

Starting from 2019, the transactional systems management is based on reside in SAP, and the company has all the necessary autonomous skills for data management on this platform.

To identify the risks, the departments must correctly fill in the form and then we are able to identify and record any incoming risks for the company (substances, machines, plant, behaviour), correctly record the employee data and their roles, correct process mapping. This all comprises:

  • Surveying the workplace and observing the processes and activities (also directly involving the workers).
  • Identifying any work stations that are exposed to risks.
  • Studying the safety measures (collective or individual protection methods), health monitoring, emergency measures, information and training, etc.) addressed to eliminating or reducing the physical risks and then verifying the effectiveness of the measures.

To control the Specific Risks we use the official legislation references and methods.


REACH Declaration
RoHS Declaration
ELV Declaration
Declaration of radiometric inspection on metal scraps and semi-finished metals

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