Thanks to CRM, Zanardi Fonderie offers its customers an increasingly personalised quality service

by | Jul,2023

The system, implemented by our teams with Open Symbol, is a new step towards the excellence of the “customer experience”

In the autumn of 2022, Zanardi Fonderie began an important journey to make Dynamics 365, the Microsoft CRM (acronym of “Customer Relationship Management”), available to its collaborators. The CRM was designed to allow more effective and structured management of customer relationships, from lead generation flows to offer flows, from the development of new products to the management of customer reports.

The CRM implemented by Zanardi Fonderie is also an effective multi-level collaboration tool which, thanks to the assignment of tasks between colleagues, complete with deadlines, allows to put forward a sample or an offer while having everything under control with a single instrument, and therefore allowing to satisfy customers’ requests in the best way possible. This system allows us to optimise the collaboration and communication between the various company functions and figures involved in the daily management of all the topics that revolve around each individual customer.

The software solution chosen by Zanardi Fonderie – specialised in the production of ductile and austempered ductile iron – was designed in partnership with OpenSymbol – The CRM Company – part of Impresoft Group. In the development and installation process, in addition to the implementation of the standard sales and marketing modules, the internal teams of Zanardi Fonderie, led by an expert OpenSymbol development team, have developed three new customised modules: Offers, APQP and Customer Care, with the aim of offering a complete customer experience to customers who refer to Zanardi Fonderie for supplies of ductile and austempered ductile iron.

The video, shot by Open Symbol, traces the main stages of CRM implementation in Zanardi Fonderie and tells the experience of this important step through the voices of those who use it every day in the company: Luca Basso Bondini (Vice General Manager), Michele Arzenton (Marketing Manager), Giorgia Venturini (Head of Customer Care) and Isacco Tommasi (Sales Engineer).

The implementation of CRM in Zanardi Fonderie, in addition to being a strategic and technological choice, represents a real change of philosophy for our company. In fact, we aim at offering the customer a quality service, thanks to a virtuous synergy between the company functions, guaranteed by the quality of a tool such as Dynamics 365.

The intervention was implemented with funding from the POC (Operational Programme Complementary to the ERDF 2014-2020, Action 3.4.1) of the Veneto Region