Zanardi Academy, the web platform that spreads the culture of the foundry process

by | Dec,2022

A communication project developed with the DTG (Department of Management and Engineering) of the University of Padova

The history of the foundry and the melting of metals, the technological evolutions of cast iron melting, the resulting variety of products and applications, the new frontiers of research. Zanardi Academy is on-line on our website. The new web platform that spreads the culture of the foundry process worldwide can be accessed in three languages thanks to the year-long work of our technical and marketing departments who created this project with the invaluable collaboration of the Department of Management and Engineering of the University of Padova (DTG).

Zanardi Academy makes scientific content about the foundry process available to the public, from its origins in history to the technological and industrial developments in which Zanardi Fonderie has always believed and invested.

“The foundry is one of the oldest yet most up-to-date technologies. Thanks to the continuous improvement of processes, the development of new materials and treatments, and an increasingly in-depth approach to quality, digitisation and sustainability, it is the ideal solution to the increasingly challenging demands of producing reliable and sustainable components for a wide range of application sectors”, explains Prof. Franco Bonollo, Professor of Metallurgy at the DTG faculty of the University of Padova.

And Michele Arzenton, head of the marketing department of Zanardi Fonderie and the project manager, adds, “Zanardi Academy is yet another important step along the communication path that Zanardi Fonderie has embarked upon for many years in the field of scientific research and which is now an integral part of who we are. Thanks to the expertise of the authors of our publications and all the benefits of sharing via the web, the new platform provides access to reliable and comprehensive content on the world of the cast iron foundry, accessible to a wide and varied audience”.

With the launch of Zanardi Academy, our company further strengthens its position as the world’s leading expert in cast iron melting and contributes to the dissemination of scientific knowledge in this field. New content will be added to the platform every year which will be the starting point for organising training workshops in companies or universities.