Zanardi Gran Cuvée, a sparkling wine to toast the first 90 years of Zanardi Fonderie

by | Dec,2021

In partnership with Villa Rinaldi, we have created a special sparkling wine for our anniversary

2021 has been the year of our 90th anniversary and, to celebrate it, we have created an ad hoc product, perfectly suited to the occasion! Thanks to our partnership with Villa Rinaldi, a family business specialised in the production of refined sparkling wines, Zanardi Grand Cuvée was born: an important reserve wine, obtained from the best Chardonnay grapes that the Rinaldi family selects from its suppliers in the Trentino Alto Adige region.

This wine, which we gifted to all our employees for the Christmas holidays, was aged in French oak barrels for six months and then bottled in horizontal “refermentation” in contact with its own yeasts for 40 months. After disgorging, which was performed with the “à la volée” method, i.e. without freezing the neck, for the “magnum” format, the bottle was packaged.

Zanardi Gran Cuvée is the result of a traditional method characterised by aromas of peach, pineapple, tropical fruit: a great reserve wine to celebrate our 90 years.

Villa Rinaldi, a family business with over a century of history

Villa Rinaldi is a winery and a maison de négoce (wine merchants) located in Soave (Verona), with over a century of history. The founder of the maison, Rinaldo Rinaldi, with his wife and four children, produces elegant sparkling wines with chardonnay and pinot noir grapes from Trentino Alto Adige, following ancient and meticulous enological methods that respect the balance of nature. The distinctive feature of Rinaldi sparkling wines is a very thin and creamy perlage, which remains etched in the memory of everyone who tastes them.

Special label and packaging for the occasion

To add value to the bottle of Zanardi Grand Cuvée and ensure that it remains in all out memories, we have created a personalised label and wooden box, with the logos and names of both families and companies: Zanardi and Rinaldi. The box can be reused as desired as a storage box, in memory of our anniversary.