Restyling, communication and creativity to celebrate 90 years of business

by | Nov,2021

Renovated common areas and new services for workers

2021 has been a very important year for Zanardi Fonderie because our company, which was founded in 1931 by the Zanardi family, has celebrated its 90th anniversary. In almost a century of history, we have successfully carried the company forward with our commitment to research and innovation, thanks to the desire and dream of creating a bigger and well-structured company.

Our 90th anniversary gave us the opportunity to do something new: to invest in communication between the company and the workers, to make the space in which we work and receive visitors more comfortable and welcoming and to introduce a touch of beauty and creativity which are often lacking in companies.

Throughout 2021, our communication, both internal and external, has been enhanced by a custom logo, conceived and produced specifically to celebrate our 90th year of business and mark this important milestone.

We then began restyling the communal spaces, such as the reception area, canteen and refreshment areas, giving a different name to each room and decorating them with graphic textures inspired by the micrographs of austempered spheroidal graphite iron.

Five professional illustrators were also called upon to interpret Zanardi’s history and its strengths with their own personal style. The result was the “Graphicast90 project, consisting of 10 illustrations displayed in the entrance, porter’s lodge, canteen and some of the company’s reception areas.

Lastly, to make communication with the workers clearer and more precise and to improve their “time spent in the company”, we have launched two other initiatives. The first concerns the installation of digital bulletin boards in the changing rooms, canteen area and at the entrance to keep workers and visitors up to date on our initiatives and our results; the second concerns the introduction of a smart locker, which gives every worker the opportunity to pick up products purchased on-line from the company.

We believe that improving the quality of life within the company is a priority, which is why we are committed to periodically investing in initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of the workers.