We have invested to reduce the consumption of energy and promote sustainability

by | Jun,2024

New systems to improve air quality and energy efficiency

Zanardi Fonderie is investing heavily in the implementation of new plants to improve the quality of the production department work environment, while guaranteeing greater energy efficiency.

Here are the three main investments for 2023, that will be followed by others in 2024.

  • New hydraulic power unit
  • Nederman filter
  • New compressor room

These investments demonstrate Zanardi Fonderie’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability, which are essential aspects of all energy-intensive companies.

The revamping of the hydraulic power unit

The hydraulic power unit for furnace operation has been significantly revamped. The old variable flow pumps with asynchronous motors have been replaced by fixed flow pumps with brushless motors, thus reducing energy consumption by 70% during down-time. This renewal includes new sensor technology for monitoring the oil temperature and quality, allowing for predictive maintenance.

The new Nederman filter in the smelting furnaces

A new filter system has been installed in the smelting furnace department and ladle treatment area. The Nederman filter uses horizontal filtering sleeves to purify the dust-laden fumes generated during the smelting process. This solution significantly improves the air quality through superior extraction capability which results in efficient operation even with several utilities at the same time. It also guarantees significant energy savings as cleaning is done by forced ventilation and no longer by a compressed air jet.

Revamped compressor room with three units

The compressor room has been revamped with three new variable flow compressors which regulate the consumption of compressed air and electric energy based on the system’s effective needs. The new Optimizer control system manages the features of each compressor, offering a 10-15% higher performance compared to the old oil-free compressors. This investment results in a compressed air production system sized for the precise needs of all services in the facility, with several backup options in case of unforeseen events.

These investments demonstrate Zanardi Fonderie’s ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, underscoring our dedication to protecting the planet for future generations.