From May 4th 2020, Zanardi Fonderie has
restarted to produce at full capacity.

Specialists in spheroidal graphite iron and austempered ductile iron

We are a foundry specialised in the development and production of spheroidal graphite iron (GJS) and austempered ductile iron (ADI). Thanks to our robust integrated process, the products are designed and produced on-site in the company’s factory in Minerbe (Verona).

The process includes the austempering heat treatment which, for thirty years, we have considered to be a driving force behind the strategic development in the iron foundry market. Through our new brand “Zanardi Austempering”, we also offer a contract austempering heat treatment service.


Foundry and Austempering heat treatment


Development and production of components in spheroidal graphite cast iron (GJS) and austempered ductile iron (ADI), from co-design to the realisation of the machined component.

Austempering subcontracting

Our brand Zanardi Austempering offers a subcontracting contract Austempering heat treatment service to all European foundries.

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