Zanardi Fonderie’s first Open Day: a day for families

by | Oct,2023

The fascinating process of production seen up close, the milestones, the future: the whole life of a company with almost one hundred years of history

24 September 2023 was an unforgettable day in the history of Zanardi Fonderie. This was the day when we celebrated our first Open Day, an event that brought together our employees’ families, staged in the heart of the company’s production site and retraced, through period photographs, anecdotes and memories, almost a century of milestones in the foundry industry.

Led by the marketing manager, Michele Arzenton, Zanardi Fonderie’s staff orchestrated a perfect event, offering entertainment for everyone, both ‘young’ and ‘old’.

Through a route divided into eight ‘stations’, families had the opportunity to learn up close about the different production stages which result in castings of spheroidal graphite iron (GJS), austempered ductile iron (ADI) and isothermed ductile iron (IDI) to meet the requirements of Italian and international customers in various industrial sectors, including earthmoving, energy, on- and off-road vehicles; farming, railways and forestry.

The stations at Zanardi Fonderie’s Open Day were as follows:

Station 1: Core shop
Station 2: Sand processing system, mould deposit, moulding, and mould assembly
Station 3: Raw materials centre, smelting furnaces and pouring
Station 4: Cooling line, deflashing and deburring department
Station 5: Machining
Station 6: Testing, laboratory, painting and shipping
Station 7: Austempering heat treatment and re-sandblasting
Station 8: Mould department, quality control and offices

From 1931 to today: almost a century of challenges, dreams and the pursuit of sustainable excellence

Zanardi Fonderie, a family business founded in Legnago in 1931 and now run by the fourth generation, saw an important turning point in 1963, with the establishment of the Minerbe plant and the transformation from a small town workshop to a full-fledged industry.

The company’s main commitment in recent years has been focused on environmental sustainability. During his Open Day welcome speech, the president, Fabio Zanardi, highlighted that cast iron, widely considered a heavy material, is, in fact, 10% lighter than steel and offers the market solutions with a reduced environmental impact.

Zanardi Fonderie’s first Open Day took those present on an exciting journey, offering an in-depth look at how Zanardi Fonderie handles the many stages of production in-house, thus guaranteeing high quality standards.

The event, which we hope to repeat soon, reinforced our team spirit, proving that, together, we are truly a winning team!